Building the picture, making the case

I love conceiving and running events, from pop ups to fetes, stakeholder brainstorms to public engagement and consultation events attended by thousands. I’ve gathered and utilised real life stories to evidence a need for change – and have seen that change come about. A strong campaign must be evidence based – I can help you gather all the information you need

What I can do for you
Photo credit Matt Jessop

What I can do for you

  • Gather stories and first-hand experiences to evidence your campaign wants and needs
  • Create engaging and genuinely inclusive public consultation events that will help you find out what people REALLY want
  • Curate and run ‘listening’ events and workshops

In my 20 plus years of working in architecture and the property industry I have never experienced a public consultation event like the one Vicky created for Higher Newham Farm…We should see more public consultation done this way.

Gary Wilburn, Managing Director, HPW Architects

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