Life and Leadership coaching | Workshop curation and facilitation


Life and leadership coaching for individuals seeking flow, clarity and purpose.

Business coaching and workshop facilitation for organisations and businesses looking for a new more soulful way to enjoy, grow and sustain themselves and their people; To unlock creativity, build resilience and create lasting, vibrant impact.

I believe that the best ideas come where we are feeling free, inspired, unpressured, unjudged and most importantly listened to with the highest quality attention. When we have these conditions, which allow us to feel into our thinking, we are able to see clearly what is holding us back, to find answers, develop ideas and make amazing stuff happen.

Now, more than ever we need to focus on our way of being in the world. As individuals, as businesses

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What I can do for you?

What I can do for you?

  • Get ‘unstuck’
  • Find focus and flow
  • Identify what might be holding you back
  • Explore the future you’d like to create
  • Find work-life balance
  • Work with your organisation or business to help you build resilient, resourceful, creative internal teams
  • Help you move your organisation out of mechanistic, silo’d thinking into interconnection and flow

With Vicky’s help, I feel I have released long-held limiting beliefs, something in me has shifted. I feel clearer, calmer and more focused. I am grateful that I had the opportunity and space to go deeper and connect with someone who I felt understood who I was and where I was at and could help me clear my path so I could find my way again.

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