What our clients say about Garner & Tonic

Gary Wilburn

Managing Director, HPW Architecture

In my 20 plus years of working in architecture and the property industry I have never experienced a public consultation event like the one Vicky created for Higher Newham Farm. Vicky designed and delivered a fantastic, welcoming environment, full of well presented information and ideas, which meant the 3 day event was exceptionally well attended by several thousand people.

This helped significantly to generate the overwhelming support that the project received. We should see more public consultation done this way. Genuine consultation which also went on to significantly inform the plans for the village.

Jacob Tompkins

Co-founder The Water Retail Co & ex chief exec Waterwise

I have known and worked with Vicky for over 15 years. She is a fantastic campaigner with a skill for gathering and using real life experiences to evidence a problem. This skill combined with an excellent analytical ability means that she is able to develop solutions to a wide range of problems – and communicate problems and solutions convincingly to decision makers. Her ability to communicate a message, to anyone from school children to Ministers, along with her natural instinct to work collaboratively and in a fact based, solution focused way, makes her an extremely effective campaigner.

Professor Gareth Rees

Expert Advisor to the European Union, World Health Organisation, US Environment Protection Agency.

Vicky Garner is a polished and highly skilled communicator. She never fails to make a compelling, articulated and substantiated case. She has the quick intellect required to respond effectively in challenging and bruising situations – such as EU committees populated by professional bureaucrats. I have admired her skills under such circumstances – situations that would inhibit far more hardened individuals. These skills are more remarkable when they are combined with a personal charm and plausibility that does not alienate.

Tom Sobey

Founder & owner, Origin Coffee

If you are looking for help bringing ideas to life, creating awareness of a product or the story behind a brand you will not regret working with Vicky. She will listen to what you need, get right under the skin of things and work with you to get you where you want to go.

She thinks differently. And her way of thinking delivers results, not just because she doesn’t choose the most obvious route, but because she listens, considers and builds relationships with people. She genuinely cares.

Sandra Carter

Living Villages, Higher Newham Farm

Vicky’s commitment to a truly participatory design process, her ability to create spaces and environments which encourage ideas and thinking to flourish, as well as her absolute belief in the value of listening, were essential to the shaping of the Higher Newham Farm project. She brought the right people into the rooms, she created and nurtured relationships, she built a mass of support within the local community.

Philippa Roberts

CEO Binit

Binit is a rapidly growing start up. Having a clear strategy and absolute clarity around why we do what we do, is essential. Ensuring the expanding team is on board both with that strategy, as well as with our ethos is vital for us to deliver what we promise – A truly brilliant, circular economy based recycling and rubbish collection service to our customers. At key points over the past couple of years Vicky has worked with me and the team to help us dig into key question, what makes us tick, what makes us brilliant, where are we headed? It’s been so valuable. Getting under the skin to understand what is really going on, is second nature to her. Which as served us well.

Belinda Phipps

Former Chief Exec National Childbirth Trust, ex Chair Fawcett Society

Vicky is an extremely personable and determined woman who makes change happen. I have been impressed by her ability to bring the voice of the less powerful to decision makers.  Her campaigns are well crafted and imaginatively delivered to make that happen. She has an ability to communicate a story in a compelling way, which engages and enthuses others. This is combined with her steely drive to work with the facts and to find genuine solutions to problems. A great combination making her most enjoyable to work with on a campaign!

Miguel Fernandez

Founder, Ambos

At a time when diaries are full and workloads are heavy, who has time to collect everyone’s thoughts and feelings about the future or the way forward? But not taking this time to think as a group, can be so detrimental to a project or a business. Investing even just a few hours to explore ideas that may otherwise not have had an airing, to dig into and define core values, to find shared purpose and a clear way forward, is a vital part of making a project or business the best it can be. Because not only will brilliant ideas, vision and purpose emerge, but when genuine attention is given to all contributors, people will be empowered and engaged. Working with Vicky helped us created a valuable space for us to reflect and gather our thoughts, strengthening our vision and clearing a path to the future. Invaluable

Jon McCarthy

Living Villages

Vicky took the spark of an idea to break the mould of traditional housing development and brought it to life. She researched and built the narrative, instigated and delivered the necessary partnerships, worked up the concept, listened and communicated the ideas and ethos, way beyond the usual level of stakeholder engagement work. And then won support at Planning. She pushed the project to be the best it could be.

Becky Reed

Justice for Midwife Becky Reed campaign

Vicky became involved in the Justice for Midwife Becky Reed campaign after we met through her campaigning work around midwifery care. Her input was invaluable, particularly around social media and PR where she really helped us increase exposure and awareness.

Vicky was always wonderful to work with, very supportive to me and totally committed to the cause. She put together a facebook page (still active to this day!) to provide information and to coordinate campaign supporters and galvanise them into action.

I have absolutely no doubt that without Vicky’s contribution I would not have achieved the final positive outcome that I did, and I will be eternally grateful to her for all her support