Refreshingly different communications


“I create compelling campaigns to raise awareness, build and mobilise support and gather and utilise evidence.”


I will help you:

– Create lasting, values led impact –

– Cultivate awareness and shape public narratives –

– Build influence and demonstrable support –

– Facilitate genuinely participatory design –

– Generate positive, sustainable change –

– Shift policy and influence the policy environment –

– Make the technical more digestible, for all audiences – 

– Measure social impact –

– Unlock potential, build resilience and future fitness –



Vicky designed and delivered a fantastic, welcoming environment, full of well presented information and ideas, which meant the 3 day event was exceptionally well attended by several thousand people. This helped significantly to generate the overwhelming support that the project received. We should see more public consultation done this way.

Gary Wilburn
Managing Director, HPW Architecture

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